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Let's explore the creative world of art as we go into an art studio.

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Expert Information

Alex shares his interest in art what inspires him to create such interesting graphics.

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Useful websites and blogs to help you explore your interest in the field of visual arts.

Education Pathways

You should become an artist - Find out how!

The Expert

Alex Lehours

Alex Lehours

Illustrator and Designer

Course studied:

  • Design Fundamentals Certificate 4 EnMore TAFE
  • Bachelor of Visual Arts & Design

Artist Alex Lehours likes to work with absolute randomness! Based in Sydney, Alex uses everything from ink and pens to water colours and aerosol cans to create his works. He has worked in Australia and overseas for magazines and radio stations, clothing labels and even bands. Alex has held many exhibitions of his work and brings out his own limited edition t-shirts every four to five months.

Sample Workshop Activities

Name that Bridge

Build your own bridge

Bridges that tumble and fall