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Beattie Lanser

Beattie Lanser

Fashion Designer
Textile Designer

  • Handcrafting
  • Ocean swimming
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About the Expert

Beattie studied design at the University of Technology Sydney, completing her Design Degree in 2003. Since then, Beattie has worked as a designer and maker for Sandra Thom Fashion Designer in Sydney, gentleman's shirtmaker T.M.Lewin in London, and a furniture designer for Livingedge.
Beattie began her own fashion label in 2008, opening Beattie Lanser boutique near Manly, NSW in 2012.

All clothes and accessories are made in Beattieā€™s workshop attached to the boutique. Sometimes her mother does hand-knitting for the summer and winter collections.

Beattie uses natural fibres, and all textile prints are designed in-house and hand-printed by Screenhaus with permaset inks, which are usually limited editions.

All items are made with love!