The Expert

Ben Dessen

Ben Dessen

Animal Researcher

  • Wildlife and animals take up Ben’s entire life! In his spare time he is usually rescuing or raisin injured wildlife. Currently, Ben is raising two orphaned baby flying foxes, feeding them five times a day.
About the Expert

Ben is currently studying a Bachelor of Natural Science majoring in Animal Science at the University of Western Sydney, and believes that by truly appreciating the beauty in other creatures, we can discover the best part of ourselves.

Ben has been passionate about wildlife for as long as he can remember and got his first pet snake when he was six years old. As Ben grew older he knew that he wanted to work with wildlife for the rest of his life. He joined Sydney Wildlife in 2006 and has rescued and cared for countless species of native animals, including possums, birds, reptiles, bats, bandicoots, and wallabies.

In 2011 Ben became involved in the Deforest Action project in Borneo and spent 100 days living in the jungles and working with the local Dayak people. A documentary series is being made about his time there.

Ben is a supporter of various wildlife initiatives. He was recently invited by Bob Irwin - father of the late Steve Irwin - to help launch his new wildlife charity, the Bob Irwin Wildlife and Conservation Foundation.