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Dr Tanya Latty

Dr Tanya Latty

Insect Expert
Environmental Scientist

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About the Expert

Tanya Latty grew up in Canada, chasing and keeping various creepy crawlies including insects, reptiles, amphibians.

In 2002 Tanya completed her undergraduate degree in environmental science and biology at Trent University in Peterborough, Canada, before completing a PhD at the University of Calgary (Canada) studying the behaviour of beetles in the rocky mountains.

This project allowed Tanya to spend four summers bushwalking around some of the world’s most spectacular - and remote - wilderness areas.
After completing a PhD in 2008, Tanya moved to the University of Sydney to research collective behaviour - or “swarm intelligence” - in ants, honey bees and slime moulds.

Tanya has studied a wide variety of subjects including biology, ecology, entomology, chemistry, physics and astronomy.