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Fabian Barcelo

Fabian Barcelo

Vet Nurse
Animal Behaviourist

  • Animals
  • Tigers
  • Outdoors
  • Animal behaviour
  • Conservation
About the Expert

From a young age, Fabian knew he wanted to work with animals and would surround himself with them whenever he could – even if that meant his house resembled a zoo at times!

Fabian chose to study sciences at school and did work experience at veterinary hospitals, then completed a degree in Animal & Veterinary Bioscience at the University of Sydney while working at a veterinary hospital in Sydney.

Fabian was given the opportunity to research his favourite animal as part of an honours program, where he spent a year conducting research on the management of tigers in zoos across Australia and its effect on controlling abnormal behaviours.

Fabian completed an Honours in Captive Animal Behaviour (Panthera tigris) – is specialization is researching tigers in captivity.

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