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Jennifer Macdonald

Jennifer Macdonald

Lecturer in Construction Management

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About the Expert

Jennifer’s first job after finishing her university studies was fairly unusual: working for a Scottish company that designed luxury tree houses for adults and children! After two years, Jennifer moved to London and worked on the structural engineering design of a 23-storey building, and spent a year on site working on the huge new Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport.

While there, Jennifer was offered the chance to go and work for an Australian engineering company for two years. But she liked it so much she has now been here for seven years.

In Australia, Jennifer has been involved in some new engineering designs, including the use of glass as columns, beams and floors.

Jennifer and her colleague Dr Zoe Sadokierski were recently the inaugural winners of the UTS Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building Teaching and Learning Awards.

Jennifer’s main interest is in building information modelling, where a building project can be shown using virtual reality before it’s even begun. Everything is simulated, from how the building will be constructed, to how much it will cost, and the forces it will have to resist.