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Ronika Power

Ronika Power


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  • Egyptology
About the Expert

Ronika Power’s passion for ancient Egypt began when she was a little girl, when she first came across the story of the pyramids while reading an encyclopaedia.

Her interest in mummies and ancient cultures has taken her around the world. She is currently studying how people from the central Sahara in Africa lived more than 2000 years ago, and how they interacted with people from other regions.

Through her research Ronika has had access to the largest collection of research skeletons in the UK to help with her archaeological studies. Ronika believes archaeologists are ancient detectives . “We look at different threads of evidence, physical remains, objects, artefacts, those kinds of things and see how they weave together to make a singular story.” Ronika Power.

Ronika is working on a dissertation titled: From the cradle to the grave: Child and infant burials in the Egyptian archaeological record.