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Professor Steven Freeland

Professor Steven Freeland

International Law
Human Rights Advocate

About the Expert

Professor Steven Freeland teaches university students about international and human rights law, as well as aspects of space law. He has taught not just in Australia, but in The Netherlands, Austria, Italy, Germany, Estonia, the United Kingdom, the United States and many other countries.

Steven is special advisor to the Danish government in matters related to the International Criminal Court, and sits on the Boards of many publications including the Australian Journal of Human Rights.

Steven travels regularly spending six months of every year in Europe as an advisor to the International Criminal Court, which he says gives him the opportunity to work at the “cutting edge” of international law in the Hague, Netherlands.

“I am able to share that information with the students I teach,” he says.

Professor Freeland is interested in teaching international criminal law and human rights, and his research interests include human rights law and international environmental law.