Activity Outcomes

New Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum

English Stage 3
EN3-2A – Reading and viewing
Uses an integrated range of skills, strategies and knowledge to read, view and comprehend a wide range of texts in different media and technologies.
* Respond to, read and view texts.
EN2-2A - Plan, draft and publish imaginative, informative and persuasive texts containing key information and supporting details for a widening range of audiences, demonstrating increasing control over text structures and language features.
EN2-9B – Uses effective and accurate sentence structure, grammatical features, punctuation conventions and vocabulary relevant to the type of text when responding to and composing texts.

Activity Ideas

Create a writing journal and write each day for a week on the funniest thing that happened each day or the happiest moment in your day.

With a friend select a topic and write a poem together about your favourite sport or hobby. Take turns to write a sentence each. Once this is completed paint a picture of your poem or draw a comic to illustrate your poem.
2. Become inspired! Cut out pictures from a magazine or photos and organize this into a collage based on colour selection of your favourite foods. Write a poem inspired by the picture collage.
3. With the whole class, choose six poems and see if you can link the poems together as a story.

Download and explore the ap - The Disappearing. Visit a historical site in your local town. Imagine who may have lived there long ago. Write a poem or piece of descriptive writing inspired by the historical site.

Write a poem using a computer/iPod and make an audio recording of your poem.

Create your own haiku poem about one of your pets or the animal you would most like to own.


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