Activity Outcomes

NSW Board Of Studies H.S.I. E Syllabus
Stage 2 CUS2.4
- Cultural Diversity: Describes different viewpoints, ways of living, languages and belief systems in a variety of communities.
- Gathers information and explains the various lifestyles and experiences of different groups.

New Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum - English Stage 3
EN3-2A - Reading and viewing
Uses an integrated range of skills, strategies and knowledge to read, view and comprehend a wide range of texts in different media and technologies.
* Respond to, read and view texts.

Activity Ideas

Make a history dictionary. There are many technical terms used in these video clips. Create a small book called 'The History Dictionary' to write down the unfamiliar words when you watch this video and research the meanings.
Research and the compare the life of a child in Ancient Egypt compared in modern day. On an A4 page folded in half, make one column for today and one column Ancient Egypt times. Compare the two lives. Is it more fun today or in Ancient Egyptian times? Why? Draw an illustration of two children, one from Ancient Egypt times and one from modern day.
Create an artwork of a sarcophagus or a mummy or a pyramid. Use collage to develop the artwork.
Use the hieroglyph alphabet to create your own name. What is a cartouche and who had them made?


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