Activity Outcomes

New Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum Science & Technology
ST2-10NE - Describes that living things have life cycles, can be distinguished from non-living things and grouped, based on their observable features.
ST2-11NE - Identifies that science knowledge helps people understand the effect of their actions on the survival of living things.
ST3-11NE - Describes the physical conditions of their environment that affect the growth and survival of living things.

New Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum English
Stage 2
Outcome EN2-11D - Expressing themselves
Responds to and composes a range of texts that express viewpoints of the world similar to and different from their own.
Understand differences between the language of opinion and feeling and the language of factual reporting or recording (ACELA1489).

NSW Board Of Studies HSIE
Stage 2 & Stage 3
ST2-1VA, ST3-1VA - Shows interest in and enthusiasm for science and technology, responding to their curiosity, questions and perceived needs, wants and opportunities. H.S.I.E Syllabus.

Activity Ideas

List the species of Sharks found in Australian waters. Survey 10 people in regards to how they feel about sharks. Graph the results of the survey and then use your findings to create a poster which explains the feeling or misconceptions about sharks. Combine you results as a class activity.
Research the concepts of commercial fishing, farmed fishing, leisure fishing. Present this in a PowerPoint presentation with examples. 2. Visit an aquarium to see real sharks and develop a research presentation which shows the habitat and diet of that shark in its natural environment.
Research the background of Wobbegong Shark and how researchers are trying to keep them from becoming extinct. How can we make our waterways safer for them? Create a PowerPoint presentation to present your research.
Research and map out the food web/chain of the Wobbegong shark.


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